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parəfə(r)ˈnālyə  noun [treated as sing. or pl. ] miscellaneous articles, esp. the equipment needed for a particular activity :  drills, saws, and other paraphernalia necessary for home improvements.

There have been many changes in electronics  but the only apparatus that seems to stay the same is the loudspeaker.

  For more info about my Odyssey please follow the link.

Phono preamplifier is an electronic device that amplifies and equalises the analog output of the cartridge in a phonograph turntable. The output is boosted to a level equivalent to other audio sources such as tapes and CDs, and RIAA equalisation is required to restore the original signal.  

   When vinyl masters are cut, frequencies below 1 KHz are attenuated to prevent the stylus from crossing over into the previous groove . In order to eliminate noise from the disc surface, higher frequencies are amplified. The phono preamp's RIAA equalisation boosts the lows and attenuates the highs to recreate the original analog signal. For more information about RIAA Preamplifiers please follow the link.


One of the most critical components in the tube audio are the transformers, audio and power. In the picture below there are some vintage transformers. For more information about line level, MC cartridge step-up and some other audio transformers please follow the link.


It is usually useful to have a Vu meter indicator for checking the levels in a listening or recording chain as you can visually spot mismatches.

  Here is a vintage Neumann U472 Vu meter taken from an old mixing desk and put in an aluminum Hammond box where XLR connectors were added and an external 24 V power supply.

  This Vu meter indicates 0 db @ 0.775 V RMS and has balanced inputs. Nowadays there is a plethora of analog Vu meters that are scavenged from old analogue mixing desks or tape recorders, of course there are also several of new production made in England by Sifam and distributed by Canford, so it is fairly easy to get a pair and add them in your setup.

Cables and Snake Oil.

In this picture you see how we saved the snake but put it in service to provide power for a pair of SE mono-block amps (8 Watt each), their pre, RIAA pre and turntable.

  The plug and the “snake” are for three phase power line and are rated @ 406A per phase. The phases are divided as follows: one for left channel amp. two for the right channel amp and the third phase is used for the pre, RIAA and turntable.

  I have to say it was a revelation for dynamics, speed, bandwidth and stereo image the use of such a power cord. :-)

  For more info about cables please try: Speaker Cables .